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Cat tree factory - Pets Product Manufacturer. GMT (Ningbo) Leisure Products Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling. Our entertainment products are Cat In Tree, Cat Trees, Cat Tree House, Cat Tree Factory, Cat Climbing Towers, Cat Furniture factory, Cat Tree house Factory, Cat Climbing Towers, Cat Perches. We have over 10 technicians and 100 employees, with advanced technical manufacture equipment and production lines. The total area of our workshops is about 6,000 square meters.
Making perfect quality is our unceasing pursuit. We regard first-class quality and credit as our tenet, and hold the principle of "equity and mutually, honesty and faith", to supply excellent service for our customers. We warmly welcome you to negotiate and make progress with us hand in hand.
Cat tree factory products are delivered to Europe, North American, South America, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan area.
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Cat tree factory Name: Ningbo GMT Leisure Products Co.,Ltd.
Cat tree factory Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler, Government ministry/Bureau/Commission, Association, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc), Other

Cat tree factory friends, does anyone or your friends need a buyer agent in China? This is pet products factory from China and we have been working in import & export area for about 10 years, Cat tree factory are  pet products, including pet cages, pet clothes, pet toys and so on, also I have many resources of sports equipment and know the products well. And also Cat tree factory are  good at shipping cargoes to the customers, knowing well of the details during this process. If you or your friends are running business and often need to purchase cheap and good quality products, Cat tree factory can help you source in China and ship the products to you. If you can forward this message out and let the ones who need to find this role received, that will be great. Thank you all friends and buyer.

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Factory registration documents:

What can the factory do for us please?

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 3

We help guests shoot high-definition and professional product photos (each new product has 4-5 photos),

for the guests shop.

No. 4

L / C payment customers, usually one month before the delivery confirmation L / C has been

received, received L / C after the clerk and the document were to review the letter of credit,

check whether there is a mistake, delivery Whether the protection, and other possible problems,

if any questions should immediately ask the guests to change the card. (2): If it is T / T payment

customers, to confirm the deposit has been credited to the account. (3): If it is a customer account,

or through the bank D / A, such as foreign exchange, etc., need to confirm the manager.

No. 5

Inspection (1): one week before delivery, to inform the company inspectors inspection.

(2): If the guests to their own or designated inspection personnel to inspection, to be a week

before delivery, about the customer inspection and inspection date will inform the planning department.

(3): If the guests specified by the third party inspection company or fair line inspection, to contact the

inspection company two weeks before delivery, booking inspection time, to ensure that the time before

delivery time. Confirm the inspection time to inform the factory.

No. 6

Preparation of basic documents. Factories to provide packing materials, the production of export contracts,

export business invoices, packing lists and other documents (should be produced by the Merchandiser,

to the documentary).

No. 7

Commodity inspection: If it is a national statutory commodity inspection products, to the factory orders

to explain the commodity inspection requirements, and provide export contracts, invoices and other

commodity inspection required information. But also to tell the factory future products export port,

to facilitate the factory for commodity inspection. Should be shipped a week before the certificate to

get a certificate / article.

No. 8

Rental charter:

(1). If the contract with the guest is FOB CHINA terms, usually the guests will specify the transport agency

or shipping companies. Should contact the freight forwarding as soon as possible to inform the delivery intention,

to understand the arrangements for the export of ports, sailing, etc., Q confirmed whether the delivery of the plant

earlier than the sailing period at least a week ago, and the boat can meet the requirements of the guests Cargo period.

A written notice of clearance (ING ORDER) should be issued to the shipping company two weeks before the delivery date,

usually in a row of paper.

(2). If the seller to pay the freight, as soon as possible to the shipping company or shipping companies to consult the ship,

tariff, sailing port and so on. After comparison, choose the price concessions, reputable, shipping the appropriate shipping

company, and tell the salesman to inform the guests. If the guests do not agree to choose another guest approved the

shipping company. Two weeks before the boat written in the warehouse, the program with the thin?

(3). If the goods are not enough a small cabinet, need to take bulk cargo, freight forwarding to the freight forwarding

company positions. Get into the warehouse paper, but also to understand the cut off time, warehousing declaration

requirements, and so on.

(4). When booking to the transport company, be sure to fax the written paper, specify the sailing, cabinet type and number,

port of destination and other content to avoid errors.

No. 9

Arrange the towing cabinet:

(1). After the goods are done and the inspection is passed, the trailer company is commissioned to raise the cabinet.

Trailer companies should choose safe, reliable, reasonably priced companies to sign long-term agreements to ensure

safety and punctuality. To the trailer company fax the following information: fixed warehouse confirmation book / put

paper, shipping company, warehouse number, drag cabinet power of attorney, specify the loading time, cabinet and the

number of loading address, customs broker, and shipping Ports and so on. If there are inspection companies to see the

cabinet, to a special statement, not late. And asked to return an OTC information, set out cabinet number, license plate

number, the driver and contact telephone.

2). Fax a loading information to the factory, set out OTC time, cabinet type, warehouse number, order number, license

plate number and the driver contact telephone.

(3). Request the factory to leave the factory as soon as possible after the shipment fax a notice to the business department,

set out the container from the factory time, the actual number of loading, etc., and note the packing number and seal number

as a bill of lading information. Require the factory after loading must remember the seal.

No. 10

Commissioned by the declaration: in the towing cabinet at the same time the required information to the declaration of customs

declaration, commissioned by the export declaration and commodity inspection clearance for a single. Usually to the customs to

leave two days (boat cut off before). Commissioned by the declaration, should provide a loading information, including the loading

of goods and the number of ports, shipping companies, warehouses, cabinet number, the ship to cut off the time, the trailer company,

cabinet and the number of the company's contact People and phone etc.

No. 11

Obtain the transport documents:

(1). At least two days after sailing, to fax the contents of the bill of lading to the shipping company or freight forwarders. The material should be made

at the request of L / C or the guest, and the correct quantity of the goods, as well as some special requirements, including the requirements of the

shipping company with the bill of lading proof.

(2). Urging the shipping company as soon as possible out of the bill of lading model and shipping bills. Carefully check the sample is correct, to the

shipping company in writing to confirm the contents of the bill of lading. If the bill of lading to confirm the guests, the first fax bill of lading model to

the guests, be confirmed and then asked the shipping company out of the original.

(3). Timely payment of Yun miscellaneous fees, payment notice to the shipping company in time to obtain bills of lading and other transport documents.

Payment of freight should be done.

No. 12

Prepare other documents

(1). Commercial invoice: L / C required to provide the documents, the most stringent requirements for commercial invoices. The date of the invoice should

be determined after the issuing date, before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice is exactly the same as the L / C, and the lowercase

and capitalized amounts are correct. L / C on the invoice terms should be displayed, to show the mark. If the invoice is required to handle the other embassy

certification, generally 20 days in advance to handle.

(2). FORMA certificate of origin: FORM A certificate of origin to be shipped to the inspection and quarantine

Bureau bid. It should be noted that the shipping date is before the L / C delivery and sailing days, after the invoice date. Failed to handle before the delivery,

to apply for a certificate, the need to provide declarations, bills of lading and other documents. Transshipment of goods in Hong Kong, FORM A certificate is

usually to the Hong Kong Chinese commodity inspection company for the endorsement, proved that the goods are not re-processing in Hong Kong.

(3). General Certificate of Origin: General certificate of origin can be handled at the China Trade Promotion Council, requiring a lower number. Can not be paid

after delivery for a long time. If the certificate of origin to apply for the embassy to sign, and invoices as long as 20 days in advance.

(4). Shipping Notice: It is generally required to inform the guest of the details of the shipment within a few days after sailing, including vessel name, flight number,

sailing day, estimated arrival date, quantity and quantity of goods, amount, number of packages, Destination port agent and so on. Sometimes L / C requirements

to provide proof of transmission, such as fax report, send the letter at the end of single, pay attention to the time required by the guests for processing.

(5). Packing list: packing list should clearly indicate the packing situation. To display the number of each box, the gross weight per head, net weight, carton size.

The total volume calculated from the carton size corresponds to the total volume indicated. To display the mark and box number, so that guests can find.

The weight of the packing list shall be in the order of the bill of lading.

No. 13

Submission of documents:

(1). The use of L / C foreign exchange, should be in the required delivery time, prepare all the documents, and strict trial to ensure that there is no error before

the bank to negotiate. (2). The use of T / T cash, and immediately after the bill of lading fax bill of lading to the guests to pay, to confirm the balance and then

the original bill of lading and other documents sent to the guests. (3). If the T / T cash, and asked to collect the full amount to do the cabinet, to wait until after

the payment arrangements for towing cabinet. Get the bill of lading can be sent immediately after the bill of lading to the guests.

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